Transform your gifts to the remote skill during the pandemic?

The year 2020 will be ending soon; I believe everyone has experienced unimaginable time during this year. We face the challenge that we did not have before; the coronavirus, the heavy smoky, the fire, the flood, rioting, sickness, and loss are everywhere. We realize that we are small at this moment because we couldn’t solve the problem as before. So many people are facing job loss, life change, and family loss.

We see all the traditional industries or jobs that might disappear forever, yet, we still need to face our daily life, we need to have food, money, a place to live. Many disturbing problems are in our minds; however, we still can create a more satisfying life and future if we give us a chance!

Most jobs move remotely; what should you improve your skill for remotely and increase the hiring rate?

Turn your writing gift to the writer

If you are good at writing, you may consider the remote writer or copywriter as a side hustle, as a digital era, the remote writing jobs are demanding.

Bilingual is a great asset to the company

Many bilingual people also take their language and cultural advantage to assist the business profitable because the bilingual can assist the business owners to increase their global market. The bilingual people can also work as a remote translator or interpreter. You can make $40 or more per hour. Some call centers or hospitals also need a bilingual speaker to work remotely customer services, billing or collection.

Accountant can provide the bookkeeping, payroll, A/P or A/R remote work services

No matter the size of the companies, they all need an accountant; some of them like to outsource their accounting/ bookkeeping.

Technical/Engineer/Web Designer/IT

Various types of technical/engineer/IT, those are typical remote work in the market, and they are all skill people. Some web designers are freelance or partner with, those remote job where you can work everywhere and get good pay.

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