PeopleSoft HCM Q& A

Q: When you create the new position, how do you set up the effective date?

A: The effective date will default today’s date, but you can change if needed.


Q: How to transfer an employee to a new position?

A:  Specify a reason for the transfer, then, change the employee’s position number, also you need to calculate the employee’s compensation.


Q: Increase the pay rate, what are to make it change?

A: Compensation calculation is based on the rate code, so you need to use the compensation rate codes to modify the rate.


Q: When you rehire the employee, what action you need to take it?

A: You need to go Job Data to search employee ID, select Rehire from the Action, and make the change Job statues is terminated with pay, retired, or retired with pay. Then, Enter Rehire process on each area include effective date, action, reason, job indictor, job code, compensation.


Q: When you assigning garnishments to employees, what is important for the specific data?

A: Update the status throughout the life of the garnishment as it changes. Only record with a status of Received or Approved are process and prorated, but never reuse the same garnishment ID for an employee, because the system calculates garnishment balances across calendar year balance year for a combination of employee ID and garnishment ID.


Q: How to process a check reversal and reissues?

A: Go to payroll process USA, and then select Reverse/Adjust Paychecks to add a new value. Remember, when a paycheck is reversed using this process, all aspects of that paycheck are reversed including Time and Labor data used to generate the paycheck.

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