The HR strategy enables your company to attract, select, develop and retain the employees. Implementing strategic HR is helping your business increasing productivity and matching your mission goals. 

  • How strategic HR can help you to do the right things?

  • How performance evaluation can increase the profits? 

  • How to hire the right people to do the right things? 

  • How to be a good role modeling as a leader? 

  • How to recruit and retain the right People? 

  • How will we drive profit and growth or support our mission in the future?     

  • What type of people will need that we don’t have now? 

  • How to solve the culture conflict?

                 Plant as a seed for your business

                              Founder Vivian Chang


VCing is a professional HR consultancy specializing in recruitment, human resource practice, training development, and HR technology. The goal is helping the employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful match and business process.

Through the strategic human resources plan, VCing helps employers to save the cost and time to match your business requirements.  To help you search the best talent based on the bilingual and multicultural background candidates.

Focus on:

Temp to Hire

Contract Role


Outsourcing your work

Remote project

Onsite/Offsite Support

Happiness comes from service 


"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress...." 

 With our services and supports, your business continues growing and moving up !

I'M​​ Growing


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