Hello!  My name is Vivian Chang; I am a founder of VCing Consulting . I have permanently relocated to Portland from San Francisco Bay Area since June of 2014. I received my Master's degree in Management of Business Administration from Utah State University and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Golden Gate University. Also, my professional experience included  PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, Business Analysis, Oracle R12, Payroll, and Business Consultant.  After many years of culturally diverse working experience of administrative services, human resources,and HR technology  for companies in the United States and Taiwan. The various industries included banking, high-tech, semiconductor and government, retailer and distributor. I create VCing, I believe people have the ability to create a better life in a different stage. " Ing" stands for " in progress." As thus, I like to share the positive resources to others. I love the culture, food, photography, nature, hiking, driving, and creativity.  I hope my multi-cultural experience and background  would connect to all of you!

About me:

  •  I am a goal setting oriented person

  • I always want to learn new things

  • I am a creative thinker and problem solver

  • I am an efficient researcher and a quick  thinker 

  • I like to write , read and  collect the valuable information

  • When I work for the project, I always use analytical skills to gather, analyze

       and interpret prior data to accurately forecast future  

  • As a bilingual person, sometimes, I see myself as  individualism and  also as collectivism  as well

  • I like to share what I 've learned; what I know to others and also love to have brainstorming together 

  • I  like outdoor activities, cooking, photography, writing, traveling, creativity  and spiritual growth


Continue Growing


"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress...." 



Ing :denoting a verbal action, an instance of this, or its result. Continuing, doing, growing, progressing, living ...

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